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This forum has been created to provide information, support and encouragement for patients on antibiotic therapy for inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, etc. We encourage you to share your experiences with each other.

These diseases are complex, and the treatment must be tailored to the individual patient. Therapy is long term - many times with considerable ups and downs. Being able to communicate with other patients is an invaluable experience as you will discover as you participate in this group.

Ethel Snooks will also participate to answer any questions you may have regarding this therapy. Ethel has many years of experience with this therapy. Do not be discouraged if your question is not answered immediately. Keeping up with all patients is sometimes overwhelming. We have doctors, very experienced in using antibiotic therapy, available to answer your questions also.

Feel free to post your comments and questions.

This site is dedicated to the exclusive use of patients on or interested in the antibiotic therapy for rheumatic disease. While patients may inform the group of a product that has helped them, in no way may that product or any other product be marketed. The intent is to keep this mailing list strictly as a support group.

Participants will be expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner, avoiding arguments, flaming, or any language that may be deemed offensive.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Stephen White, listowner.

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