To request information about doctors offering antibiotic therapy in the US (including ILADs physicians for patients with concomitant Lyme Disease) or other countries,
please go to this page.

The Road Back Foundation offers community forums which were created to provide information, support and encouragement for patients on antibiotic therapy for inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, etc.

You can view the Road Back Foundation community forums here - and you can participate in the forums by sending an email to and asking to join.


Getting started on antibiotic therapy

Check your stomach for sufficient hydrochloric acid

Lower your carbohydrates and lower your insulin (Dr. Joseph Mercola)

146 reasons why sugar is ruining your health (Dr. Nancy Appleton Ph.D.)

Root canals pose health threat (Dr. Joseph Mercola)

Lab tests used for rheumatic diseases (Chris)

Acidophilus and Yeast Overgrowth. (Virg)

Possible causes of fatigue in patients on the antibiotic/nutritional protocol on this website. (Joy)

Antibiotic therapy and methotrexate. (Janine)

A description of rheumatic diseases and terms. (Chris)

Concerns regarding soybeans. (Dr. Joseph Mercola)

Comparison of NSAIDs shows two with low incidence of GI toxicity. (Dr. Joseph Mercola)

Why your doctor might be reluctant to prescribe clindamycin. (Janene)

Minocycline-related skin hyperpigmentation. (Langevitz et al, Isr. J. Med Sci 1996)

Pharmaceutical benefit managers and prescription drugs. (Ethel)

Your body's many cries for water. (Ethel)

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