GENERAL - The following information is given to assist you in getting started in antibiotic therapy. The information is given in a sequential manner, but can be performed to a certain degree simultaneously. For example, self-education can be accelerated by joining the email group immediately (recommended). However, you need to self-educate yourself regarding this therapy to the point where you understand the information given by the group or to ask questions. IMPORTANT: Be sure you spend the necessary time to become self-educated in the protocol BEFORE you discuss the protocol with your physician.

SELF-EDUCATION - The most important process in this therapy is learning what it is, how it works, who can expect to benefit from it, and how it will affect you after you start. It is imperative that you realize this treatment is not a quick fix solution, but that it often takes years for complete recovery. However, it is equally important for you to realize that some physicians report that in their experience, the antibiotic protocol provides significant improvement or recovery in up to 80% of those who stay with the protocol. The basic premise is that if your condition is caused by a mycoplasma or other L form bacteria, then the protocol will work for you. Since statistics are with you that it is, and the treatment is safe, it is recommended you start the therapy and then determine that it doesn't work rather than put off treatment because of concern it may not work. As you compare this with treatment involving prednisone, methotrexate, imuran, etc., which are known to be harmful, you will quickly realize that there is little to lose and much to gain by beginning the treatment immediately.

How do you self-educate yourself? The best single source is the book "The New Arthritis Breakthrough" by Henry Scammell with Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D. referred to on the web page. It is imperative that you read this book as often as is required for you to understand your disease and the protocol. Additionally, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section, case histories, medical papers, and various studies that are also available as provided on the web page. You need to download the physicians protocol from the web site and become knowledgeable with it. It provides the medical process that you and your doctor need to follow. You will need this information when you talk to your physician and to provide encouragement when going through the first few months of the therapy. The motto of this treatment is two steps backward, three steps forward. You will probably get worse for a time before you get better and there is excellent medical explanation for this process. You need to understand the medical reasons before you start.

RHEUMATOLOGIST OR FAMILY DOCTOR? - It is not necessary to seek a rheumatologist to prescribe this therapy although it might be an advantage with their specific knowledge of these diseases. Most patients find their family doctor, internist, or dermatologist (who often prescribe tetracyclines for skin disorders) are not only willing but enthusiastic about prescribing the oral antibiotics required by the protocol. In some cases, patients have traveled long distances to a doctor experienced with the protocol where they establish a baseline of x-rays, blood tests, etc. and begin a treatment program tailored to their individual need. (Due to their experience, they often discover that the patient has a multiplicity of problems, each of which requires particular treatment.) These doctors then consult with your local physician who prescribes oral antibiotics and gives the intravenous antibiotic when necessary, in order for the patient to receive optimal benefit from this therapy. This has worked well in many cases.

It is helpful to remember that, in general, the medications rheumatologists prescribe may only help the patient overcome intense pain and/or lack of mobility associated with the autoimmune diseases. These same physicians, if asked, will often tell you that there is no cure for these diseases and that the medications they prescribe may only alleviate symptoms, whereas antibiotic therapy treats the cause of these diseases.

Most physicians will prescribe the oral antibiotics, and many are prescribing both oral and IV antibiotics. However, because the required studies have not been done yet on the IV therapy, some physicians may be reluctant or refuse to prescribe them. In that case, if the patient has severe and/or long standing disease, he/she will need to seek another physician who will prescribe the IVs for them.

Some physicians may want to change the protocol, particularly as to dosage and number of days to take it. Your education has provided you with the proper information to insist that the protocol be followed, and you must do this unless the change is directed by a physician who has examined you and your records and is knowledgeable in the antibiotic treatment. Some physicians, especially rheumatologists, may want to prescribe the common toxic second line drugs along with the antibiotics; this is not recommended. You have the right to refuse to take any drug prescribed. It is your body and your life. You need to educate yourself on the short term and long term side effects of these toxic drugs.

Remember, it is not imperative to have a physician who understands and/or has administered the protocol, but you do need a physician to prescribe the antibiotics, NSAIDS, etc. You can become sufficiently educated to be sure you are on the proper protocol and to insist that your prescriptions are as the protocol requires, including the use of a brand name, not generic medication. If you do not have a physician, finding one that will prescribe this therapy for a new patient may present a problem. You may contact the organizations listed below and ask for names of physicians in your area. Subscribers on the e-mail support group can also help many times since they represent many countries, cities, etc.

BECOME ACTIVE IN THE ON-LINE SUPPORT GROUP - To join the group, go to and click on 'subscribe' and your e-mail address will be added to the mailing list. This cost-free support group consists of nearly 700 folks, many of whom are suffering as much or worse than you. They understand your pain, frustrations, problems and concerns. Many of them have recovered, some are on the way to recovery, some have responded quicker than others. They know many of the pitfalls and solutions by experience. Here you will get answers to questions pertaining to your disease. You can ask your questions, vent your frustrations, and help others who are not as far along in this therapy as you are, or who are having experiences you have already had and need some encouragement that you can give. The group cares. They have your interest at heart. They can give you encouragement and solutions/approaches to the problems that arise in your case.

BEGIN THE THERAPY AS SOON AS YOU CAN - Some patients hesitate starting antibiotic therapy even when they are convinced it is plausible and realize it is safe, wasting precious time. You are encouraged to compare this treatment which attacks the source of the disease with the conventional therapies which are aimed at only controlling the symptoms. Conventional treatment is fraught with terrible physical consequences over the long term; whereas antibiotic therapy will be judged by nearly every physician to be safe. Thus, you have nothing to lose by going through the treatment even though it is long term. On the other hand, the side effects of methotrexate, gold, prednisone, penicillamine, Plaquenil and other standard chemicals are very harmful - in some cases leading to vital organ damage and chemical dependence from which it is nearly impossible to escape.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE THERAPY - Expect some short term effects when beginning the protocol that may appear that the therapy is not only NOT working for you but has made everything worse. You must be extremely patient. As you communicate with the group and find that many preceded you in the symptoms you are having, you will be able to persevere and have the hope that your health path is toward recovery. The eventual recovery rate when following the protocol is phenomenal when compared to every other therapy. One medical doctor who has successfully treated hundreds of patients has stated that 80% of his patients have improved following this therapy and his dietary directions.

INTRAVENOUS THERAPY - Patients with severe and/or long standing disease will most likely need the intravenous clindamycin in order to obtain optimal benefit from this therapy. This may present a problem for many patients if insurance does not cover the cost. It would not be unreasonable to ask your physician to order the medication and supplies for you at his cost. You have already paid him for an office visit.

Upjohn can provide your physician with 900 mg. of clindamycin prepackaged in IV bags in lots of 25 for a reasonable amount. Upjohn's phone number is 1-800-253-9860. The tubing, needles and syringes can be secured by your doctor from Harvard Drug Supplies (1-800-875-0123). A nurse could come to your home to administer the IV. Some patients have family members who learn to give them. With doctors charging anywhere from $67.00 to $100.00 per IV, this would be a considerable saving.

TO LOCATE A PHYSICIAN IN YOUR AREA who may be open to prescribing this therapy for a new patient, contact:

American College for Advancement of Medicine
P. O. Box 3427
Laguna Hills, CA 92654
Phone: 1-800-532-3688
See for lists of physicians worldwide.

American Academy of Environmental Medicine
10 East Randolph St.
New Hope, PA 18938
Phone: 215-862-4544

This organization also has a list of physicians worldwide that practice this type of medicine. You can call and ask for the names of physicians in your area or state.

For patients with severe and/or long standing disease, it is often advisable to first see a physician experienced in using this therapy and let them evaluate you and plan a treatment program for you. Your local doctor can then monitor you.

Listed below are several experienced physicians that take out of town patients. We will update this list periodically.


A. Robert Franco, M.D. - rheumatologist
Andre P. Lalland, D.O.
Arthritis Center of Riverside
1725 Slate Avenue
Riverside, CA 92505-7100
Phone - 951-788-0850

John R. Sinnott, D.O - General Practice
Medical Arts Bldg.
Ida Grove, Iowa 51445
Phone: 712-364-3302

H. H. Whitman III, M.D. - Rheumatologist
Summit Medical Group
Bensley Bldg.
1 Diamondhill Rd
Berkeley Heights NJ 07922
Phone: 908-769-0100

Pieter J. DeWet, M.D. FAAFP
Quantum Healing Institute
212 Brande Blvd - Suite C-114
Tyler TX 75703
Phone: 903-939-2069

Mark Drucker, M.D. (Diplomate Candidate of ACAM)
Center for Advanced Medicine
4403 Manchester Ave. #107
Encinitas, California 92024
Phone: 760-632-9042

Paul F. Howard, M.D. - Rheumatologist
Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Assoc. P.C.
9097 East Desert Cove
Scottsdale, Arizona
Phone: 480-609-4200
Offices also in Mesa, Temple and Glendale
Ask specifically for the antibiotic protocol
Phone: 908-277-8640

Eleazer M. Kadile, M.D. - Allergy
Center for Integrative Medicine
1538 Bellevue St.
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54311-5608
Phone: 920-468-9442

Mark L. Martin, D.O. (oral and IV),
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Altura, MN 44910,
Phone: 507-457-4328

Arlette Pharo, D.O.
427 W. 20th St. Suite 602
Houston Texas 77008
Phone: 713-802-1177

Rima Kittley, MD, FAAFP
Family Practice
1115 Ellis Street
Lufkin, TX 75904
(936) 634-5699


Dr. Geoffrey Kemp,
681 Burke Rd.,
Camberwell, VIC 3124.
(03) 9882 1366.


Dr. G.A.W. Hornett
The Surgery
Guildford Surrey
England, GU5 OPE
Phone: 01483-898123


Dra Alejandra Teresa Maula
Loyola 1637
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aries
Phone: 4777-0415

***email for names and contacts of other doctors***

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