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Reversing Arthritis with Antibiotic Protocol, multiple patients
"Created by recovering arthritis patients to increase public awareness that a growing number of doctors are successfully treating and reversing rheumatic diseases like arthritis with antibiotics."

Denise, rheumatoid arthritis (US)
"I hate to think what my life would be like if I hadn't found Dr. Brown's book. I am grateful everyday! I am 56 years old and loving life!"

Lois, rheumatoid arthritis (US)
"In less than 1 year, I feel 97% better! If not for antibiotic therapy, I am sure that I would be in a wheelchair by now and on all those toxic meds that just suppress the immune system and cause all kinds of secondary problems. I am thankful every day for the gift of feeling good! Its been a long journey but the future now looks very bright indeed!"

Eva, rheumatoid arthritis/dermatomyositis (US)
"I have not gone into remission yet, but doing lots better than in January 2008, when I stayed in bed more than being up and around. I enjoy traveling but have to use a cane for walking and a wheelchair for longer trips. Healthwise I feel sooo much better."

Kathy, psoriatic arthritis (US)
"I stopped going to physical therapy, my hip is "un-frozen". I can ride my horse, I am walking five miles a day, working in the garden and driving my bus with NO pain meds at all, not even an aspirin!"

Dolores, systemic scleroderma (US)
"Some doctors with high esteem still consider the infectious origin of connective tissue disorders to be experimental and we who have the diseases and been or are on antibiotic therapy can attest that it does work."

Andrew, scleroderma (South Africa)
"Now my thoughts no longer are filled with how I can cope with a debilitating disease. From time to time I spare a thought for my doctors and wonder how they are coming to terms with the serious challenge that I have presented to the protocols that they learnt during their medical training."

Tracy, polymyositis (Australia)
"For the first time in years I felt normal and had my life back. I wish I had known about this treatment years ago and urge anyone to try it. Thanks to Dr Brown I am enjoying life again."

Zoe, scleroderma (US)
"It was at this time that I was on-line with the juvenile rheumatoid group I belong to and a mother posted an inquiry as to whether any one had heard of an antibiotic protocol (AP). She had recently put her 16 year-old daughter on it for scleroderma and was pleased with the results."

Gwen, polymyalgia rheumatica/giant cell arteritis (Australia)
"I am living proof this treatment works. Even my Raynaud's is in remission. All of my doctors (except the rheumy which I gave the sack to) cannot believe the change in me, and now believe the treatment works and are giving it to their other patients."

Diane, mixed connective tissue disease, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"Thank God, I have my life back; I can be active again and enjoy my family! I am thankful that I discovered Henry Scammell's book "The New Arthritis Breakthrough". This book gave me hope and direction."

Lisa, dermatomyositis (USA)
"After taking minocycline (I was always able to use the generic form) for approximately one year, I found that I was almost symptom free."

Karen, lupus/dermatomyositis (USA)
"My only regret is that I didn't find the antibiotics sooner and I could have avoided taking all the toxic drugs that your rheumatologists will encourage you to take."

Waunette, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"My dear family doctor was amazed at my recovery and started putting his other patients on antibiotics and he would tell me they were so much better and free from pain. He even talked to other doctors, asking why they were not using this treatment. They told him it was not what they were taught in medical school."

Karla, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"Saturday I mowed and trimmed the lawn and today I planted all of my flower pots. This spring I was able to set up my patio set all by myself, and I can haul 40 lb. sacks of dirt, fertilizer, dog food, etc. I don't think that's too bad for someone who, 18 months ago, could barely get off of the floor."

Kay, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"When I approached my rheumatologist about antibiotic therapy, she would not help me. That was my last visit to her. I went to my family doctor and told him about my research. He gave me a prescription for Minocin and said it was very safe because he even prescribed it for a teenager with an acne problem. I actually have my life back now."

Phil, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I posted my story of my recent medical experiences here, not for sympathy, but in hopes it will inspire others with chronic illnesses to persist in finding their own answers to optimum health as I am."

Kelly, ankylosing spondylitis (USA)
"For me, the difference was the doxycycline. Without it I would be dead. Every once in a while I run into someone who thinks I could not have survived and I get the double takes. Finally they approach me and are delighted to see that not only am I among the living, I thrive. I hope you do too."

Debbie, sero-negative rheumatoid arthritis (Australia)
"Thanks to the pioneering work of Dr Brown and other enlightened health professionals, I am able to keep this disease under control with antibiotics... I hope that my story in some small way gives people who are suffering from rheumatic diseases some much-needed hope."

Dee, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I believe the biggest mistake a person can make with their health is making uninformed choices. I researched every way of attacking this disease before making any decisions. Minocin was the clear choice for me."

Martha, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"My life is my own once again. I ride horses and do stainglass, I can even pull a 12 hour day on my feet at the flower shop lugging heavy plants and pots of flowers across the store. I do not know what would have happened to me had I not found Minocin. For sure I would be in a wheelchair now."

Lisa, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I would strongly encourage anyone facing one of these rheumatic diseases to do whatever it takes to get on this treatment and get back to living."

Socjog, mixed connective tissue disease, scleroderma, lupus, Raynaud's syndrome (USA)
"It is so foolish for doctors to start with the harsher drugs and then they don't work because they do nothing to halt the disease. Then and only then will they try this therapy if you ask for it. The medical world has it backwards."

Jodi, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogrens syndrome (USA)
"I am doing everything I did before I got sick.. I'm cleaning my whole house..I'm getting down on the floor and playing with my kids..I'm playing my flute..I'm a wife to my husband again..I'm enjoying every sunrise and every sunset."

Kathryne, RN, Doctorate in Science (International Health), ankylosing spondylitis (Canada)
"All my doctors are surprised to see how I came back from a crippled human being. They believe in this protocol, they have asked me to teach it, and I have helped many people over the past years to come back, many in remission."

Marge, SLE (lupus), rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia/Sjogrens syndrome (USA)
"I have been on Minocin since 1996. I have discarded a neurological drug, three stomach medications, all sleep medications, all pain medications, prednisone, methotrexate, gold and a diuretic... I can climb stairs. I love to play golf again, to swim, to snorkel."

Barbara, SLE (lupus), connective tissue disease (USA)
"I will be celebrating one year on Minocin...I feel wonderful. I have found a supportive doctor and I am also on IVs of clindamycin...I want to say to all you newbies, the antibiotic protocol works."

Annette, RN, BSN, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I cannot thank that ER doc enough for getting me the news about the antibiotic protocol. I just wish there were more physicians who honestly wanted to help their patients return to health and to vibrant life again."

Dave, rheumatoid arthritis (Japan)
"I have been able to return to the gym and do things I never thought I'd do again. I can swim a kilometer and ride my bike 30 kms - I never felt like walking around the block when RA was rampant in my body."

Mary, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"My recovery/remission feels close to miraculous. I hope my story will inspire someone who is as desperate as I once was to try this therapy."

Joyce, scleroderma (USA)
"We dance two times a week and I'm back to walking. I'm 71 years old and do my own housework etc. I'm a very happy person and would love to help someone who had the same problem I did."

Marilyn, rheumatoid arthritis (Australia)
"I am saddened that I had to wait so long to find out about minocycline and so I am quite vocal to everyone (including doctors and specialists) about my new healthy condition thanks to antibiotic therapy."

Sharon, scleroderma/Raynauds (USA)
"I have to say that the information I have found on the Internet has saved my life. Just read our stories here at this site. You will find them compelling."

Chris, rheumatoid arthritis/discoid lupus (USA)
"It has been a long hard road for me, but I am doing pretty good now. I have no deformity. I do a lot now. The terrible pain is gone. I take my doxycycline three times a week and all my blood tests are normal."

Tylyn, scleroderma (USA)
"I have become the national spokesperson for the scleroderma foundation. I believe that this is the only treatment that can help people with scleroderma."

Sandra, diffuse systemic scleroderma (USA)
"I will never again leave any decision to a doctor but will be a partner in this journey or seek out another doctor."

Connie, dermatomyositis (USA)
"More and more research is showing that infections are either the cause of these diseases or at least a co-factor. I feel that I have attacked this disease at its source."

Emily, scleroderma (Canada)
"My family doctor was so pleased with the results, she phoned me herself the day she got the test results back and gave me a script for the minocycline and clindamycin for another year."

Zanash, rheumatoid arthritis (Pakistan)
"The antibiotic has been wonderful for me, and to think that I discovered by chance that antibiotics do work for RA."

Lee, dermatomyositis (USA)
"I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis in September 1996. In March of 2000 I am in remission."

Sheila, reactive and rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I hope my story will encourage you to try the antibiotic protocol or, if you are on it, to stick with it. It's working for me and it will do the same for you."

Cooky, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"It's important that you realise it's not how long or how severe your disease - it's how persistant you are and how badly you want to work with the antibiotics that matters."

Jayson, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
(Dr. Brown's records for Jayson are in "Information for you and your doctor")
"Whether you believe in God or not, I want to encourage you to investigate the medical treatment which Dr. Brown pioneered. It has been a blessing in my own life and that of other friends through the years."

Brian, rheumatoid arthritis (Canada)
"The antibiotic protocol is way too valuable not to be considered as a first line of defense against this hideous disease."

Carol, dermatomyositis (Canada)
"My strength is coming back to normal and I feel 85% better...I believe the antibiotic protocol is the way to go."

Dottie, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I was indeed positive for mycoplasma fermentans. Now I knew I had something to fight - a reason for my illness".

Jack, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I've had what I'm reasonably sure is RA for my entire life and I'm 79 now. I discovered the antibiotic protocol on the net by pure accident..."

Judy, rheumatoid arthritis (Australia)
"Please, if anyone is reading this, please try the antibiotic therapy, be patient with it - I've been on now for 16 months and it is working."

Steve, polymyositis (USA)
"My rheumatologist said it was the worst kind and didn't give me long to live, but I'm back to 95 per cent and feel like a million."

Melissa, scleroderma (USA)
"The next month came, the next year came and I have never felt better...I believe it is the Minocin that is keeping me healthy."

Linda, scleroderma (USA)
"Trained as a scientist, I could not discard the idea of antibiotics... how come so many people got better?"

Ray, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"The days of thinking how to take my life because I could not live with the pain are over. Lots of prayers are being answered."

Heide, scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome, osteoarthritis (USA)
"I can read, write and enjoy the wonders of nature again. I have travelled the long, bumpy road back for quite a few miles now."

Cindi, rheumatoid arthritis for 41 years (USA)
"I can finally sleep all night. I can take walks without it hurting at every step. I can do everyday things without crying out in pain at every bump or step."

Mary, psoriatic arthritis (USA)
"My arthritis reversed completely with Dr. Mercola's dietary suggestions posted on the web page."

Rebecca, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus (USA)
"I only wish Dr. Brown were still alive so that we could all express our gratitude to him directly."

Lou, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I started on October 1st, 1997, with minocycline, 200mg Monday Wednesday and Friday and I haven't looked back. By the last of November I put my wheelchair in the closet."

Lianne, polymyositis (Canada)
"Today I am only on minocycline. All of my blood levels are normal. I wish I could stand on top of the Empire State Building and tell people that they don't have to plan their funeral. There is hope."

Cathie, dermatomyositis (Canada)
"I have successfully recovered from the Connective Tissue disease named Dermatomyositis. I consider myself to be 100% recovered and very fortunate. I have no symptoms of Dermatomyositis or Fibromyalgia anymore."

Kim, dermatomyositis, lupus, CREST scleroderma (USA)
"I've been able to run upstairs and I even went dancing. I can close my hands into a fist again and my skin is no longer itchy."

Mary, crossover syndrome/mixed connective tissue disease (Mary is a doctor) (USA)
"I was thinking clearer and the pain was dramatically better. My brain is functioning better."

Pamela, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I'm feeling great. I am even taking Tae Kwon Do with the other members of my family."

Sandy, psoriatic arthritis (USA)
"I consider this the future of arthritis treatment. It is my wish that, someday, all arthritis sufferers will be able to follow the same path I have followed."

Janine, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I no longer lie in bed all day and cry when I have to move...I no longer feel the pain from every movement or every touch from another human."

Leanne, scleroderma (Australia)
"I wish more doctors would face the fact that this treatment works and tell their patients about it. Early diagnosis and treatment would stop this disease, and people wouldn't need to suffer unnecessarily."

Yvonne, scleroderma (USA)
"This is the first time in 52 years that I have had any hope that I can lick this monster that lives in me. I just hope my story will encourage someone else to try this treatment. What have they got to lose?"

Judy, scleroderma (Canada)
"The purpose of this story is to tell you antibiotics work! It did for me and it can for you."

David, sero negative rheumatoid arthritis (Canada)
"I hardly know what more to say about this treatment other than it does work."

Jean, scleroderma (USA)
"Anyone with scleroderma needs to get on the antibiotic protocol as soon as possible."

Jan, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"My mobility is much greater. I found I could do a dancing exercise that years ago I'd given up hope of ever doing again."

Madge, lupus/fibromyalgia (USA)
"I feel good; seldom do I ever have any symptoms of the disease. I can once again do anything I want."

Lana, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I was a new woman. My friends don't believe it's me. I look 15 years younger. I am hardly even stiff in the mornings."

Joyce, scleroderma (USA)
"What about the scleroderma?", she was asked. "God has taken care of that problem. I don't have it anymore", she replied.

Gloria, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"In the last two days, I have cycled over forty miles...I'm so happy to be able to do things again."

Craig, scleroderma (USA)
"Now, one would be very observant indeed to spot any difference between me and anyone else of perfect health."

Sheila, rheumatoid arthritis - a patient's progress in weekly reports. (USA)
"We shudder to think what shape she would have been in had it not been for antibiotic treatment and the support group."

Heidi, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"1996 was an extremely positive year. Heidi has fully recovered and is doing very well."

Dona, diffuse scleroderma (USA)
"I love to hear from people who are looking for a treatment that works and I can certainly testify that Dr. Brown's treatment has worked for me."

Linda, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"We are finding many doctors here are interested in this therapy and grateful for well-written, valid information."

Susan, lupus (USA)
"Nothing sudden or dramatic happened to me. It wasn't real easy, it wasn't real fast. Just day by day, little by little, I got better."

Joyce, sero negative rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"In less than a year, this therapy completely reversed the course of my disease. It has literally given me back my life."

Katherine, diffuse scleroderma (USA)
"We live in an area where scores of people have received Dr. Brown's treatment."

Ethel, rheumatoid arthritis/polymyositis (USA)
"Your body cannot fight for you when you are depressed or wallowing in self-pity."

Jessie, scleroderma (USA)
"There is no question in my mind that antibiotic therapy has corrected my daughter's disease."

Marti, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I've now come to where I find myself forgetting the pain and fear that once influenced every thought."

Jane, psoriatic arthritis (USA)
"I cannot wait to let people know that there is an alternative method out there."

Kim, rheumatoid arthritis (Australia)
"I implore anybody who has doubts about whether to embark on this treatment or not for their RA to 'just do it'."

Kathy, lupus (USA)
"I would advise anyone just beginning this treatment to be patient."

Ev, rheumatoid arthritis (USA)
"I am continuing on the Minocin and my doctor has asked if he can submit my case history to a medical journal."

Cindy, inflammatory arthritis (USA)
"I only wish I had known about this treatment when I first had arthritis."

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