LOIS, rheumatoid arthritis

I had RA for 13 years before I discovered the antibiotic protocol. It started when I was 33. Over the years being the naturalist that I was, I tried all the holistic methods to deal with the pain. You name it, I did it. Fasting, colon cleanses, every supplement on the face of the earth, special diets, sauna therapy and the list goes on and on with little or no success. The balls of my feet were so painful as well as my wrists. Many days I could not even turn the ignition on my car let alone walk a step without being in total agony.

I was determined to not go on the toxic drugs even though I was wracked with pain. Well little did I realize what all this chronic inflammation was doing to my body...breaking it down quite literally. The wake up call for me came on Christmas Eve December 24, 2007. After an evening of eating everything in site, pastries, ham etc..( I normally had a very restrictive diet and wouldn't eat sweets, pork etc) I awoke the next morning to find that my right wrist had swollen up to twice its normal size. It looked like I had just punched a wall or something. Not painful though, it stayed that way for about a week. When the swelling went down, my baby pinky finger was not able to lift very much and these 2 funny soft cyst-like nodules appeared on the back of my wrists. My chiropractor said that it was a ganglion cyst.

I went to my family doc and he referred me out to a hand surgeon. The hand surgeon took one look at it and asked if I had rheumatoid arthritis. She went on to tell me that the RA had literally "eaten through" the tendon and that was the reason why my pinky wasn't able to lift properly. She recommended surgery.

I asked to see a rheumatologist for a second opinion. The rheumatologist injected the cysts. I decided that it was time to get on meds. I was put on methotrexate and Humira. While waiting for surgery to be scheduled, both my baby and ring finger tendons ruptured on my right hand. I was whisked into surgery and had a tendon transfer. Physical therapy was intense and lasted for over 5 months.

I loathed taking the methotrexate and Humira and was only on it for a few months. I researched other alternatives and had read positive results with minocycline and AP therapy. I got the books "The New Arthritis Breakthrough" and also "Rheumatoid Arthritis the Infection Connection". I talked to my rheumy about starting me on minocycline and he reluctantly agreed, feeling I was too far progressed for it to help me.

For the first month or so, my left wrist hurt terribly! I also got headaches and dizziness. I now realize it was the Herxheimer reaction. Slowly the pain in the wrists subsided but the feet were still painful. I asked my rheumy to add Azithromycin to the mixture. Again, he reluctantly agreed but went along with it when I showed him the print-outs of AP websites.

I went to the dentist and she found a gum fistula (pus pocket) under an old root canalled and capped back molar. This is a clear indication of a LONG STANDING INFECTION. I went to the oral surgeon and as he extracted the tooth, told me that it was cracked down the middle and there was a huge infection under it. This exact same tooth was initially endonically "re-treated" due to an infection less than 1 year BEFORE the RA set in. Did you know that you can have an infection in a root canalled tooth and it can be NOT visible on xray? Well that was me! This tooth over the years had very, very slight intermittant pain in it that would disappear as soon as it started. Whenever I would bring it up to the dentist, I was told that it "looked fine". NOT TRUE! An infection in your teeth can cause all kinds of health problems and RA is on of them. Dr Weston Price years ago confirmed this.

I am now on a pulsed regime of minocycline, aziththromycin and Diflucan. I take a good round of supplements, have a good diet and cut out sugar and most carbs. I have an awesome new Doc that is totally open minded to this therapy and trusts my ability to research this thoroughly. In less than 1 year, I feel 97% better! If not for AP, I am sure that I would be in a wheelchair by now and on all those toxic meds that just suppress the immune system and cause all kinds of secondary problems. I am thankful every day for the gift of feeling good! Its been a long journey but the future now looks very bright indeed!

Lois Verizon

You can reach me at 1chicshak@verizon.net

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