KAY, rheumatoid arthritis

I have been fighting RA for seven years and now happy to be doing so well after finding out about antibiotic therapy and Dr. Brown's work.

I was diagnosed in March of 1997 after having a sore shoulder and then swollen hands and feet

I now know that I had a poor diet and a lot of stress in my life. I was diagnosed very quickly compared to many and I saw many, many doctors and tried numerous things. I was first put on non-steroid anti-inflammatory and very soon was put on prednisone. I started reading about my disease and about the drugs. I knew it was not good to stay on prednisone and from day one kept in my mind that I should not take prednisone too long. The pain was very great and the sheets on the bed even hurt my toes. Therefore, the prednisone did help the pain. I had trouble sleeping because I hurt so much. I would take a shower every hour and a half all thru the night to get some relief at first. I was exhausted because I could not rest due to the pain. I learned that it was necessary to get the pain and the inflammation under control in order to have any kind of life.

I was put on plaquenil which gave me terrific headaches. I read about this being a drug for malaria and could cause eye damage. I quit that. I was put on methotrexate which is a cancer drug. I realized this was a very strong drug because I could tell it slowed down my breathing at night. It seemed to give relief but it was short lived. One night I started hemorraging and lost so much blood, I had my husband drive me to the emergency room. It was like having a miscarriage and the clots were getting bigger. It was very scarey and I knew it was from the drug. My gynaecologist listened to me and had no reason to believe any different. The rheumatologist claimed the drug did not do that and referred me back to my gynaecologist. After stopping the drug, the bleeding subsided.

Then a repeat try at methotrexate with lower dose. My liver enzymes shot up and the docs wanted a liver biopsy. I knew it was the drug but docs insisted on a liver biopsy. Sure enough, as soon as the drug was stopped, the liver enzymes got better. Docs finally decided that methotrexate was not the drug for me. I was put on gold shots and had to drive each week to hospital for that which was an hour away. That was workable for a while.

Then the docs wanted me to try the new drug Enbrel. I would give myself shots twice a week. I did not really want to do this but they insisted that I was too young to let the disease have it's way. I was on Enbrel for a year or more. I seemed very functional but started getting sinus infections. Anytime I got an infection I would have to stop the Enbrel and start antibiotics. It was a vicious cycle. Enbrel - sinus infection - antibiotics - Enbrel - sinus infection - antibiotics. I got tired of that.

Next, the doc suggested I try Kineret. This meant I had to give myself a shot every day. I stuck it out for 3 months but I got worse. I lost ground and ended back on prednisone which I dearly detested. I had been able to get off the prednisone with Enbrel but never did like giving myself shots. All the time I knew I did not feel quite right on the shots.

Finally, I discovered off the internet a person who was trying antibiotic therapy. I asked about it and found the book and info on Dr. Brown and his work. When I approached my rheumatologist about antibiotic therapy, she would not help me. That was my last visit to her. I went to my family doctor and told him about my research. He gave me a prescription for Minocin and said it was very safe because he even prescribed it for a teenager with an acne problem. I had a rough six months at first, but things are much better now. I knew in advance what I was in for and so I was mentally prepared. I actually have my life back now. My co-workers are all very happy for me and also my family. I take vitamin C, fish oil and chicken cartilage. I found an alternative doctor who helped me get off the prednisone by adding chicken cartilage.

No, I am not normal and my hand and foot are a bit deformed, but I feel much better now and can do most things I want. Surgery has been suggested for my hand but I have not decided. I am grateful to this website which I found in my search for healing. I made some friends from this website who helped me through some tough times. Thanks to you all!


You can reach me at siwelyak@charter.net

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