The antibiotic protocol, as developed by the late Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown, can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this web page. Other physicians have adopted protocols based on that of Dr. Brown. We list a few of them below.

Dr. Joseph Mercola's Physicians' Protocol.
Also in Spanish (courtesy Lucy Riebling)
and Portuguese (courtesy Gualter Verissimo)
For information on Neurostructural Therapy (NST) for pain relief, click here .
For a list of NST practitioners, click here.

Dr. Stuart Weg's Anti-infective Pain Management Protocol

Dr. Markus Sorin's protocol (in Romanian).
Click here for a case history of one of Dr. Sorin's patients.

A. Robert Franco, M.D., a rheumatologist in Riverside, California, has extensive experience in the treatment of rheumatic disease with antibiotics. See Dr. Franco's website at

Dr. Rima Kittley's experience with antibiotic therapy


Nutritional Recommendations. (Dr. Joseph Mercola).
Also in Romanian (courtesy Dr. Markus Sorin).

Diet and supplements are very important in building and strengthening the immune system. To read the story of one woman who turned her disease around by diet alone, see Mary's story in the Medical Histories section.

A patient's hospital discharge records written by his treating physician, Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown. Jayson Kyle's personal record is in the Medical Histories section.

Mycoplasma testing