CINDY, inflammatory arthritis

My mother saw a message about the book, The Arthritis Breakthrough, in a health newsletter. I devoured it on a road trip saying, "This is me! It all makes sense!"

I saw Dr. Sinnott in Iowa, and started on minocycline. It was discouraging the first few months. The fatigue and all over achiness increased. After four months I began to notice improvements, and before I knew it, I felt great!

I only wish I had known about this treatment when I first had arthritis - I would have never had knee surgery, many months of prednisone, sulfasalazine with abdominal pain for months, a completely worthless trip to Mayo Clinic, but most of all I could have enjoyed my baby (she was 3 months old when I suddenly became sick).

I give thanks for my returned health. For 30 years I was a healthy, physically fit person, so being ill was discouraging and depressing for me.

Now I exercise five days a week for a full hour - aerobics with weights, and I feel strong and healthy. I feel like I am waking from a bad dream. I more fully realize how terrible I felt for the last three years.

I might add I never fit any diagnosis. I never had a positive rheumatoid factor, ANA or SED rate. As the doctor at Mayo said, "You look great on paper." All any rheumatologist could tell me was I had inflammatory arthritis. So I encourage you to try this treatment, even if there is no definitive diagnosis. I only wish I could express my overwhelming feelings of thankfulness and appreciation for having my life back. I can run and play with my children; it's fantastic!

Cindy Weber,

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